"I Got Your Back" is a workout focused on good quality movement.
Based on physical therapy and inspired by dance and martial arts training, this class is all around a healthy back. Clear instructions, medical understanding of exercises and the good feeling are central to founder Miriam Knobbe; who wants to create a workout routine specialised on the back, but far away from the typical medical back courses available. Based in Berlin Kreuzberg, Miri and her team offer studio or office classes and online livestreams, always combined to a bass fueled soundtrack.​​​​​​​

physiotherapy in a workout
move your spine / activate your core / strengthen & stretch to music​​​​​​​
for inquiries & training at your workplace, please contact: 
miri@igotyourback.de / +49 1577 491 78 69
weekly class - STUDIO + online!

 At Hi!Yoga Berlin
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I Got Your Back - PREGGO Workout 
currently paused for maternity leave until 2022 - get in touch for video recordings and inquiries

My friends call me Miri and since you're here now I'd be happy if you do so too. I have studied Physiotherapy in Switzerland at the HES-SO and am a DEKRA-certified core and spine trainer. I offer weekly workouts, office training and workshops about back pain prevention.
In my workout, called I Got Your Back, I'm bringing together the knowledge of physiotherapy with exercises inspired by dance and martial arts classes.
Since a young age, I have practiced many kinds of moving arts, ranging from Judo and thai-fighting to classical and different contemporary dance styles.
Since 2013 I have been working with the Swiss company Myotest -specialising in the field of movement analysis which fuels my strong interest around the biomechanic aspects of movement.
I'm currently studying Osteopathy at the IAO, where I appreciate the holistic and evidence based approach to the body.
The exercises in my class tackle common muscle imbalances, that frequently appear when working in a seated position. The exercises aim to re-establish correct motor patterns, to release tension in your back and to activate your core, all to protect your spine.
This workout was created to make you feel good. Should you have any specific concerns, do not hesitate to ask for advice. Everyone is welcome.

*Limited classes (as listed above) due to maternity leave of Miri until 2022*

Video Production by Crossbones
Regie & Edit: Kevin Kopacka, DOP: Lukas Dolgner, Producer: Lili Villanyi, PA: Torben Schläger 
Music Production: Johannes Wimmer, Holly Temper Records 
Special thanks to: Christina Knobbe, Daniel Dalfovo, D. Jackie Ghiringhello, Jana Kersten, Julius Hausl, Konrad Burzynski, Mona Motejaded, Noémie Nuo, Yi-Sul Han